Scheme launched providing 5-month contracts to 50,000 unemployed

A scheme providing 50,000 unemployed people with jobs at local and regional authorities, schools, court houses, Citizens’ Advice Bureaus (KEPs), social security funds and other public services on five-month contracts was announced by the Labor Ministry on Tuesday in a bid to tackle burgeoning joblessness, which rose to a new record high of 27.6 percent in May.

The scheme will be launched on September 15 with the first batch of jobs going to unemployed people in families where no one has work, according to the Manpower Organization (OAED), which will be compiling the lists of candidates.

“The unemployed will be inducted into the program in stages up until the end of the year and, within the context of complete transparency, under the supervision of the Supreme Council for Personnel Selection (ASEP), will be placed in jobs serving the public at municipalities and regional authorities around the country, at hospitals, schools, judicial services and KEPs,” Labor Minister Yiannis Vroutsis said.

Inductees over the age of 25 will receive a monthly salary of 748 euros, 258 euros of which will go toward their social security contributions, while workers under the age of 25 will receive 652 euros a month, 225 euros of which will go to social security.

The selection process will be handled by OAED based on the number of years that a person has been registered as unemployed, their declared annual personal and family income, and the number of minors they support financially.