Inspectors to shift focus to older tax cases

The Finance Ministry’s monitoring mechanisms are turning their attention to taxpayers whose wealth appears to have grown significantly or who have sent large amounts of money abroad, as well as corporations which have received state subsidies and offshore companies whose cases may come under the statute of limitations.

The general secretary for public revenues, Haris Theoharis, has ordered auditing agencies to give priority to major tax cases, whose inspection is now obligatory, and especially cases for which tax monitoring orders have been issued but whose audits have not yet started.

Each case that has not been checked yet will be prioritized according to a point system via the Elenxis system. Each inspector will be assigned five cases and will need to inform the secretariat via e-mail about their progress, according to the circular issued on Tuesday.

Particular emphasis will be placed on enterprises for the financial years of 2004 and 2005 for the recovery of state subsidies, as well as enterprises where the total recovery of subsidies has been conducted but interest will need to be calculated again.