GSEE slams government plans on Sunday trading, backs strike

Greece’s private sector union GSSE on Thursday slammed a government decision to allow shops to open on Sunday as “unacceptable” and backed plans by the Federation of Private Employees of Greece (OIYE) to hold a nation-wide strike on Sunday.

A statement released by GSSE on Thursday said the measure was proof that the government is “shying away from reality” of poverty and high unemployment.

“For the government, shops are closing down because consumers do not have enough free time,” the statement said.

Several groups across the country are resisting the liberalization of the retail sector and a decision to allow shops to operate on the first Sunday of two additional sales periods, on top of the customary two in winter and summer.

The conservative-led coalition has argued that deregulation of trading hours will help combat a 6-year recession and record levels of unemployment – the highest in the eurozone.