Greek unemployment rises to 27.5 percent in Q4 of 2013; young women worst off

The Greek unemployment rate rose to 27.5 percent in the fourth quarter of 2013, according to data published on Thursday by the Hellenic Statistical Authority (ELSTAT).

The rate of 27.5 percent shows an increase of 1.3 percent compared with the third quarter of 2013, when unemployment stood at 27 percent, and of 5.2 percent compared with the same period in 2012, when it stood at 26 percent.

The number of people who had employment in the last quarter of last year came to 3,589,657 and those who were out of work came to 1,363,137.

Joblessness in the fourth quarter of 2013 among women, at 31.7 percent, remained higher than among men (14.4 percent), the ELSTAT data showed, while among young men aged 15-24, the rate stood at 57 percent, below that relating to young women in the same age bracket, where unemployment ran to 62.5 percent.