New benefit to support poorest of Greek households

As of September, Greek authorities will be obliged to implement a program to support poor households with a small benefit, according to the bailout agreement.

Deputy Labor Minister Vassilis Kegeroglou explained on Wednesday that the recipients will be households on an annual income of 4,800 euros or less.

The monthly benefit will range between 200 and 400 euros, depending on whether the recipients are unemployed, pensioners or property owners.

For example, an unemployed person with no income or property will receive 200-230 euros per month.

They will also qualify for the so-called social rate for electricity supply, the heating oil benefit and participation in employment and food distribution programs.

A married unemployed person with two children and an income of up to 4,800 euros, with no social security or property will collect 400 euros per month, along with qualifying for the social power rate, the heating oil benefit and employment and food distribution programs.

Kegeroglou did not reveal which two municipalities the measure will first apply in.