Property tax mess puts rebates off

Property owners in Greece will not receive any income tax rebates due until the resolution of the new single property ownership tax (ENFIA) issue, which caused an uproar last week due to erroneous data having been used in the calculations.

The Finance Ministry has rolled back the first ENFIA installment payment date to the end of September, aspiring to correct most of the errors by then. This means that property-owning taxpayers will not get any income tax rebates before then, the official response being that any rebates will eventually be cleared against any other taxes owed.

However the ENFIA mess is affecting businesses and self-employed professionals in a much more serious manner. Any of them trying to print a tax clearance certificate online (valid for two months) are referred to their local tax office, where they are told it cannot be obtained until the ENFIA is paid. Accountants and the self-employed are expected to inundate public tax offices this month in an effort to obtain a tax clearance certificate valid for one month.

The Finance Ministry will upload its revised ENFIA notifications on September 15, when it will also make an application available to taxpayers who wish to correct erroneous data.