Summertime tax violations still common

Over 4,000 tax violations committed by 1,829 firms around Greece were reported following a total of 13,242 checks by tax inspectors between July 7 and August 17, according to figures released by the Finance Ministry.

The most common violations concerned failure to issue receipts or issuing receipts carrying inaccurate information, while the majority of checks were conducted on restaurants and nightclubs.

Tax violations averaged 13.8 percent during the six-week period of inspections. Spot checks in the tourism sector numbered 8,544, and revealed 1,316 violations.

Based on business category, 8,163 or 61.64 percent of the inspections carried out concerned restaurants and nightclubs. Violations here amounted to 1,240, or 15.2 percent.

Enterprises in the tourism sector including hotels, boat rental companies and souvenir shops registered a high rate of violation, this being 20.6 percent.