Electronic commerce continues to grow

The online commerce sector is growing and maturing in Greece, especially in the business-to-consumer section. Consumers using the Internet for their purchases are on the rise and companies investing in online sales are being rewarded by buyers, the annual survey of the Electronic Trade Laboratory of the University of Athens (ELTRUN) has found.

In 2014, Greek consumers raised the number of product categories they purchased from by about 10 percent within one year, while the average frequency of online buys rose to nine purchases every six months against six in the same period last year.

The products and services that Greeks acquire on the Internet are mainly travel services (such as air tickets and car rentals), hotel accommodation, tickets to events and spectacles, computer equipment, apparel and electronics.

Although supermarkets remain low in the ranking – as just 24 percent of Internet shoppers acquire their basic consumer goods from the e-shops of supermarket chains – they have shown remarkable growth. They are one of the categories to have shown an increase in sales of over 10 percent year-on-year, along with travel services, tickets, insurance and parapharmaceutical products.