Schaeuble tells Greece it must stick to reform path

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned Greece on Monday against straying from a path of economic reform, saying any new government in Athens would be held to the pledges made by the current government of Prime Minister Antonis Samaras.

“The tough reforms are bearing fruit and there is no alternative to them,” Schaeuble said after Greek lawmakers triggered an early election by failing to a elect a new president in a decisive third round of voting in parliament.

“We will continue to help Greece help itself on its path of reform. If Greece takes another path, it will be difficult,” Schaeuble added. “New elections will not change the agreements we have struck with the Greek government. Any new government will have to stick to the agreements made by its predecessor.”

Samaras said after the vote in parliament on Monday that he would propose Jan. 25 as the date for a general election. Polls suggest that left-wing Syriza, which rejects the terms of Greece’s eurozone bailouts, will emerge as the strongest party

in the election.