Uncertainty sees dozens of projects freeze

Investments and projects worth over 10 billion euros have ground to a halt in anticipation of the election result.

The development of the Elliniko plot, the privatization of the port authorities of Piraeus and Thessaloniki, the Public Power Corporation and the water companies of Athens and Thessaloniki, the utilization of regional airports, mineral sources and railways, the beautification of Faliro Bay, sports infrastructure, major tourism developments such as that at Kassiopi on Corfu, the new Iraklio airport and the new national highways are all at a standstill as Greece awaits its next government.

The cloud of uncertainty has settled across the country as leftist SYRIZA, which is still leading in the opinion polls, has clearly expressed its opposition to most of the above projects without having proposed any alternative plans.

Still, the majority of the projects are associated with the country’s commitments to its international creditors, as voted by Parliament. Therefore any new government will find them waiting on the table of negotiations with the eurozone and the International Monetary Fund. This is making many people optimistic that at least some of the projects will go ahead.