Aegean boosts presence on Cyprus

Airlines are seeking to cover the gap left by Cyprus Airways’ sudden shutdown last Friday, with Greece’s leading carrier Aegean Airlines making plans to increase its presence on the Eastern Mediterranean island.

Cyprus media reports suggest that Aegean has submitted an application to local authorities to obtain a license to operate on the island. Last week Aegean announced the launch of two new services, linking the main Cypriot terminal of Larnaca with Tel Aviv and Kiev. Aegean has maintained a hub at Larnaca Airport hosting aircraft and staff for the last three years.

The Greek company is set to hold a press conference in Nicosia today regarding the strengthening of its presence on Cyprus with the increase of its flight schedule and fleet there.

Besides the two new services to Tel Aviv and Kiev, Aegean also conducts five daily flights between Athens and Larnaca as well as one from Thessaloniki to Larnaca. It has also applied to cover the routes provided by interstate agreements.

Since last Friday Ryanair has been advertising “rescue fares” for Cyprus Airways passengers who may find themselves stranded. They start from 49.99 euros and are available up to Friday.