TAIPED lands 26.2 mln from real estate

The online auctions of state properties that state privatization fund TAIPED has conducted in the last 18 months have fetched the sum of 26.2 million euros.

The fund announced on Wednesday that in the period from June 2013 to January 2015 40 tenders were proclaimed online through the platform. Just over half (21) were successfully completed, with sale prices averaging 6.3 percent above the starting prices that TAIPED had decided.

The sell-off fund added that its asking prices were equal to or above those determined by independent assessors and 13.6 percent above the original prices offered by interested parties.

Three of the 21 tenders have been completed in the last couple of months. They concern a building in Plaka, central Athens, and two courthouses, at Paramythia in Epirus, northwestern Greece, and Messini in the southwestern Peloponnese. They fetched a sum of 840,000 euros.