SYRIZA calls for all taxes to be paid on time

The poor course of state revenue collection leaves the new government no scope for complacency.

Tax revenues posted a big decline in 2014, missing their target by 3 percent or 1.38 billion euros and bringing the primary budget surplus down from 4.93 billion euros that outgoing Finance Minister Gikas Hardouvelis had expected to just 1.87 billion.

In December 2014 alone taxpayers failed to pay 1.27 billion euros of their dues, bringing the debts to the state created last year to 13.77 billion.

SYRIZA officials are already making it clear that all tax notices must be paid, such as the two remaining installments of the single property tax (ENFIA) and the value-added tax of the last quarter of 2014.

The new government is making plans to further strengthen the General Secretariat of Public Revenue, mainly its monitoring mechanisms.