Minimum salary for under-25s to be raised

The increase in minimum wages will start with those aged up to 25, as the leveling up of payment to workers offering the same labor will be among the Labor Ministry’s first legislative interventions, and this will certainly take place before the restoration of the private sector’s minimum monthly salary to 751 euros.

The clause for the under-25s may be included in a bill aimed at restoring collective negotiations that minister Panos Skourletis will immediately table in Parliament.

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras told Parliament on Sunday that the restoration of the minimum salary to 751 euros will be gradually implemented by 2016, following negotiations with employers, measures to bolster the economy and cooperation with the International Labor Organization.

Speaking to Kathimerini, Skourletis confirmed that one of the ministry’s first measures will be to bring the minimum salary for the under-25s up from 510.90 euros today to 586 euros. He is expected to set a timetable for his ministry’s legislative acts in Parliament on Tuesday, and he does not rule out that the minimum salary could be raised to 751 euros within this year.