Drop in Greek orders for new vessels in 2014

Greek shipowners implemented total investments of 8.41 billion euros last year on orders for new ships mostly from Asian shipyards, according to data from brokerage firm Golden Destiny.

Greeks placed a total of orders for 230 new vessels with a combined capacity of 24.1 million deadweight tons (dwt) last year, against orders for 348 ships in 2013, showing a year-on-year decline of 34 percent. The share of ships ordered by Greek shipowners from global orders dropped to 10 percent last year from 12 percent in 2013.

Dry bulkers and tankers constituted the majority of the orders placed by Greeks: There were orders for 97 dry bulk carriers (against 149 orders in 2013) worth 1.9 billion euros and with a capacity of 10.4 million dwt, while 76 tankers were ordered, compared with 108 in 2013. There were only 22 container ships ordered against 47 in 2013.