PPC unionists recover their lost benefits

The draft of the new collective labor agreement by the union of employees of Public Power Corporation (PPC) provides fora return to increased union benefits and perks, and for the union (GENOP-DEI) to be funded from the salaries of employees, a measure that was abolished in 2008.

The plan, which has been approved by the PPC board of directors, will reinstate shift benefits for workers who have been elected in the union and are fully relieved of their work duties due to their union duties. Employees who fulfilled these conditions will not only receive their benefits from now on but will also collect the bonuses they would have received from June 2012 when the benefit was abolished.

The draft, which is set to be approved by the board meeting of GENOP-DEI next Thursday, will shave two euros per month off PPC salaries, in favor of the unions.