Blueprint for pension system reform

The government will lay the groundwork to reform the social security system this year, according to statements made to Kathimerini by Alternate Social Security Minister Dimitris Stratoulis.

The government will bring a blueprint for the creation of three merged funds to the negotiating table: one for all salaried workers, one for the self-employed and one for farmers.

Talks will also focus on the reinstatement of three-way funding – not only by employers and employees but also by the state – under a specific timetable, and its strengthening with the aim of gradually rebuilding the fund reserves that suffered a haircut during the 2012 (PSI) debt restructuring.

Stratoulis has made it clear that “among the government’s first priorities is the tabling of a small and then a detailed blanket bill on social security so as to implement its election commitments, and to cancel any measures aimed at the further reduction of pensions.” In the next few days there will be legislative action to cancel the so-called zero-deficit clauses, to prevent pension cuts aimed at covering funds’ deficits.