Shoppers save 160 euros per year through offers

Consumers look out for offers at supermarkets to cut costs, resulting in average savings of 11.7 percent on their purchases, which translates into a total benefit of 680 million euros or 160 euros per household every year, according to a survey conducted and published by the Research Institute of Retail Consumer Goods (IELKA).

Nine in 10 consumers (90.3 percent) save money through offers, vouchers and gift coupons that supermarket chains and product suppliers hand out. More than two-thirds (69.3 percent) regularly save an average of at least 5 percent on their purchases, and 40.9 percent save at least 10 percent.

The greatest savings – i.e. the biggest and most frequent offers – are seen in the category of washing machine detergents, with a 34 percent discount rate, followed by all-purpose flour with 22 percent, and pasta, also with 22 percent. Consumers who make use of the various offers can save money in all categories of commodities with a discount of at least 4 percent, as there is no category without special offers.

In their vast majority (78 percent), the respondents said they look for offers when shopping in supermarkets, while 63 percent decide which supermarket to shop at depending on its offers and discounts. Three in four (76 percent) said they bought more products with special offers in 2014 than in 2013.