Farmers’ fund ‘trying to find’ benefits cash

The payment of family benefits by the Agricultural Insurance Organization (OGA) to recipients who last year submitted a correction form and the 700,000 recipients for 2015 will be postponed by a few days. Officially the delay is due to technical problems, but according to sources the farmers’ social security fund is also suffering from liquidity problems.

OGA appears to be still seeking 25 million euros for family benefits for 2014 recipients who have amended their applications, as the payment that had originally been due on Friday is now set for March 3-6.

Furthermore, the first installment of the 2015 benefit has been postponed from March 27 to April 6. The funds of 130 million euros have been included in the state budget, but owing to technical issues, mainly concerning recipients’ submission of the necessary documents, OGA has resorted to a delay.