Small-caps lead the rise

The Athens Stock Exchange benchmark general index ended last week at 2,108.62 points, a gain of 18.72 points, or 0.90 percent, from the previous week’s close. Three of the week’s five sessions ended with losses. Total turnover more than doubled, to 1.25 billion euros, an average of 250.06 million euros per session, from 531.14 million the previous week. This included the sale of an 11 percent stake in National Bank for about 490 million euros. Small-capitalization stocks once again gained the most. The FTSE/ASE Small-Cap 80 index advanced 3.24 percent, the FTSE/ASE Mid-40 rose 3.17 percent and the FTSE/ASE-20 index of blue chips gained 0.52 percent to close at 1,058.82 points. The FTSE/ASE-140, a composite of the previous three, gained 1.24 percent to close at 2,463.84 points. Most sectoral indices gained. The two exceptions were refineries, which lost 3.43 percent, and telecommunications (0.45 percent). The biggest gainers were IT equipment and solutions (10.01 percent), textiles (4.99 percent) and insurance (4.46 percent). Of the 370 stocks traded during the week, 259 gained, 89 ended with losses and 22 remained unchanged. Gainers were led by the preferred stocks of Klonatex (23.84 percent) and Viosol (22.39 percent) and the common stocks of Fourlis (21 percent) and Info-Quest (19.05 percent). The biggest losers were Domiki Kritis (27.04 percent) and the preferred shares of Ideal (16.98 percent). Thanks to the share sale, National Bank was the most heavily traded stock, with an average daily turnover of 118.92 million euros, followed by OTE (8.60 million) and Alpha Bank (7.84 million).