Ministry will be forced to extend tax deadline

Despite the government’s refusal to extend the deadline for the submission of the income tax statements, currently set for June 30, the current chaotic situation in the process means that it will be forced to add another 10 days at least.

Sources both from the Finance Ministry and the accounting sector confirm that no more than 300,000 tax statements have been submitted to date – i.e. about 5 percent of the sum of 6 million taxpayers – while over 1.5 million statements had been submitted at this point last year. On top of that, numerous mistakes have been identified in the automatically filled-in forms.

At the same time, the online portal for the submission of enterprises’ statements remains closed, and ministry officials say it will likely open by Friday. Consequently, some 200,000 enterprises will have no more than 25 days to submit their statements via the General Secretariat of Information Systems platform