Tax dodgers hid millions, but may soon get away with it

The Financial Crimes Squad (SDOE) has recently discovered tax evasion totaling millions of euros by checking the bank accounts of corporations and taxpayers, including the undeclared income of an architect amounting to 9.3 million euros and of a lawyer who had concealed 5.1 million euros.

Based on existing legislation, these incomes will be taxed at the top rate of between 42 and 45 percent, as well as incurring fines and penalties for tax evasion.

However, the tax dodgers need not worry for too long, as the government is about to table a bill for the voluntary revelation of hidden incomes. Even those already found by the tax authorities to have dodged payment of their dues would only have to pay a 30 percent share of the concealed income, and avoid fines, penalties or any court action.