Amnesty for undeclared incomes with a 21 pct tax

The government decided on Wednesday to offer amnesty to tax dodgers who have concealed incomes from the state on the condition they pay a one-off tax of 21 percent on that undeclared money – be it in Greece or abroad.

Tax evaders will be spared any penalties, fines or court action if they pay that tax within two months of the bill being passed into law.

Wednesday’s meeting between Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis and State Minister for Combating Corruption Panayiotis Nikoloudis concluded that there should be a single rate for the legalization of incomes placed in Greece and abroad.

Originally the ministry had drafted a bill with a 15 percent tax for deposits abroad and a 30 percent tax for those in Greece, but Nikoloudis expressed strong opposition to such a discrepancy.