Market expects shortages in food products


Supermarket chains and the food industry in Greece are growing increasingly concerned about the market’s supply next week. Worries mainly concern fresh meat, fish and dairy products, as market demand in these categories is primarily covered by imported goods.

Industries that use meats as raw materials, such as producers of sausages and cold cuts, are already experiencing shortages, which are hampering operations.

Shortages in Greek meat are also expected to start in the next few days, as animal food industries warned they only have sufficient stock until tomorrow. Although domestic demand is mostly covered by animal food produced in Greece, 70 percent of the raw materials are imported. The stocks of cooperatives on islands such as Naxos, where subsidies for animal food are disbursed once a month, are already very low as it was not possible to place July orders.

Furthermore, demand for non-perishable foods such as pasta, rice and beans may well lead to shortages earlier than expected. In the first couple of days after the referendum was announced, supermarket turnover soared 35 percent.