Reuters poll: Greece fast approaching euro exit


Greece may be about to become the first country to step through the exit door and leave the eurozone, according to a Reuters poll that put the chances of the monetary union breaking up at more than 50 percent for the first time.

“It’s gone too far in the sense that there is absolutely no trust whatsoever any longer,” said Christel Aranda-Hassel, senior European economist at Credit Suisse, referring to the long-drawn-out negotiations.

“Ultimately, I think the Greeks have overplayed their hand.”

Fifty-seven economists polled on Wednesday, as Tsipras pleaded in the European Parliament for a fair deal for his country, gave a median 55 percent chance of Greece leaving the eurozone.

That is the first time the median probability has shown Greece is more likely than not to leave the euro in many years of Reuters polls asking the same question.