Tax inspectors to hit the streets


Tax inspectors are being unleashed onto the streets of the country, where they will be asking consumers coming out of establishments such as retail stores, clinics, car repair shops, bars, restaurants etc, to show them a receipt for purchases and services. If the customers do not produce a receipt, the inspectors will raid the establishment and start a probe for tax evasion.

The decision is part of an effort to contain tax dodging on the spot by General Secretary for Public Revenues Katerina Savvaidou, who issued a circular on Tuesday outlining how the hunt for tax dodgers is being taken to the street, with inspectors demanding receipts for goods or services.

If a receipt is produced, the inspectors will take note of the issuer (name, address, tax registration number, etc) and will not register the establishment for further checks. If not, they “will enter the establishment, state their capacity, present an inspection order and their identification, and then confirm the violation before inspecting the establishment’s books and corporate data,” the circular warns.

In catering establishments (bars, restaurants, cafeterias, etc) inspectors will be able to enter and ask patrons to display their receipts.