Households kept waiting for benefits


The State General Accounting Office is struggling with its outgoings before the bailout subtranche of 2 billion euros is disbursed. As a result, despite assurances, family benefits due to 640,000 households on Friday were not paid out, even though they originally should have been more than a week ago.

Similarly, the state has failed to pay the fourth installment of the food benefit to 145,359 holders of the Solidarity Card, and the Labor Ministry is still awaiting 5 million euros in additional funding for the smooth completion of the pilot application of the Minimum Guaranteed Income scheme.

The focus has now shifted to the payment of pensions next week. The Social Security Foundation (IKA) has already secured a short-term loan amounting to 210 million euros to make sure its pensions are paid in time.

The ministry assured a few days ago that there will be no delays in the payment of pensions.