Alexiadis backpedals on tax changes


Alternate Finance Minister Tryfon Alexiadis’s comments on Saturday about small changes to income tax for 2015 generated confusion among taxpayers and surprise at the Prime Minister’s office. As a result, the official came out with a fresh statement on Tuesday, in which he referred to “lies and misinformation” concerning tax increases on 2015 incomes.

A day after sources from the Finance Ministry spoke clearly about upcoming changes to tax rates that would reduce distortions, Alexiadis said in his statement that “the changes to be implemented in the taxation of 2015 incomes will be no more than just two or three corrective alterations of an organizational nature, without any shifts introduced to the tax rates and the tax-free threshold.”

Still, with just days remaining until the end of the year, the ministry yet to inform the public what it is planning to do, or what those “two or three alterations” could possibly be. According to the new budget, there will be interventions affecting farmers, landlords and freelancers.