Electricity consumption in decline


Electricity consumption declined 7.22 percent in November compared with the same month in 2014, according to official data released on Tuesday by the Hellenic Electricity Market Operator (LAGIE).

In the first 11 months of last year power consumption posted a marginal increase, by 0.96 percent, to come to 46,567,855.78 megawatt/hours. In the year to May, there was a significant increase from the year before, while from June onward the decline started on a monthly basis, with July being the only exception.

The LAGIE data for November also revealed stagnation in the development of renewable energy installations, as has also been the case over the last few months. This continues a trend that began in 2013, when new measures for cuts in guaranteed rates and limitations to photovoltaic installations first came into force.

In the system connected to the grid, the only change recorded concerned the installation of wind power units adding up to just 4 megawatts, taking the total capacity of wind parks to 1,772.07 MW from 1,768.07 MW in October 2015. No noteworthy change was recorded in photovoltaic systems, which chalked up 2,092.56 MW at end-November 2015.