Public works exempt from online auctions system


The government is exempting public works and studies from the National Electronic Public Contracts System, which as of October 1, 2015 includes all tenders valued at 60,000 euros or more, until April next year at the soonest.

According to the general secretary for commerce and consumer protection, Antonis Papaderakis, the extension to an earlier exemption was granted upon a request by the Infrastructures Ministry, even though public projects are often at the center of corruption inquiries.

The argument Papaderakis provided referred to the need for the adequate training of officials to operate the system as well as for its enhancement with more parameters.

However, sources from the Economy Ministry offered another explanation, saying that Infrastructure Minister Christos Spirtzis had been keen to exempt public works and studies from the system indefinitely, and so a compromise solution was found with the extension till April 2017.