ATHEX: Despite low volume local stocks maintain upward trajectory


After a four-day break, Greek stocks continued on their northbound trajectory on Tuesday, posting a notable rise. However, trading volume remained unimpressively low.

The Athens Exchange (ATHEX) general index closed at 566.67 points, adding 1.73 percent to last Thursday’s 557.04 points. The large-cap FTSE 25 index expanded 2.43 percent to end at 156.44 points.

Banks had a very respectable day, as their index advanced 5.97 percent to make it four sessions of gains in a row, with cumulative growth of 12.48 percent. Piraeus Bank outperformed, increasing 10.27 percent, while National Bank added 6.64 percent. Viohalco grew 5.88 percent and Eurobank climbed 5.73 percent.

Ellaktor gave up 0.77 percent on news that a European arrest warrant was issued for the company’s chairman, Leonidas Bobolas, on Monday in Cyprus. Hellenic Petroleum declined 1.60 percent.

In total 64 stocks recorded gains, 41 took losses and 17 remained unchanged. Turnover amounted to 41.2 million euros, compared to last Thursday’s 36.4 million.

In Nicosia the general index of the Cyprus Stock Exchange climbed 0.43 percent to 67.84 points.