Appointment of state assets fund council


The government has appointed the members of the first supervisory council of the Hellenic Company of Holdings and Assets SA, fulfilling one more prior action for the second bailout review.

According to the decision signed by Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos last Friday, the five council members of the new privatization hyperfund are Georgios Stamboulis, Georgios-Spyros Tavlas, Olga Haritou, Jacques Le Pape and David Vegara Figueras. Their appointment was published on Tuesday in the Government Gazette.

There were no surprises in the appointments, as the names had been leaked some time ago, with the government managing to bring in all its choices. The creditors had objected to two of the three members chosen by the government, but the two sides managed to eventually reach an agreement in the context of mutual understanding. Athens get the chouse of three council members and the creditors the other two.

The council will be chaired by French official Pape, as the council will decide in its first meeting, according to the ministerial decision. Until then the supervisory council will represent the company only for the actions required for the implementation of the first governing board’s election.