Wilbur Ross hopes his Greek stakes yield gains


Wilbur Ross, US President-elect Donald Trump’s likely pick for commerce secretary, told a Greek investment forum in New York he is looking forward to his investment in Greece finally paying dividends.

“I have been through so much with Greece that I feel I have always been Greek. It appears Greece is going to the other side of the terrible nightmare your country has experienced,” the Eurobank stakeholder and Bank of Cyprus vice president told the annual Invest in Greece forum organized by Capital Link.

“I am waiting for the moment that besides my good friends there and my great appreciation of the Greek culture, my investments in Greece bear fruit,” Ross said referring to the moves his company, WL Ross & Co, has made in the Greek credit sector.

Having criticized the Greek government’s policy in the first half of 2015 for damaging his investments, he said it has since made serious efforts toward progress.