Employers expect small rise in hirings


Employers in Greece are reservedly optimistic about making hirings in the first quarter of 2017, according to a quarterly survey carried out by Manpower.

The employment outlook is relatively stable compared with the last quarter of 2016, and there was a two-percentage point increase from the first quarter of 2016. Out of the 750 employers who took part in the survey, 14 percent expect an increase in employees and 12 percent a reduction, while 72 percent do not foresee any changes.

The sectors with the strongest employment prospects are agriculture (+15 percent), the financial domain, insurance, property and services to business (+14 percent). On the other hand, the sectors expected to suffer a drop in employment are manufacturing (-4 percent) and transport and communication (-3 percent).

Notably, employers at major enterprises (with a staff of at least 250 people) believe there will be a very active labor market until end-March, with employment prospects showing an increase by 26 percentage points. By contrast, employers at very small enterprises discern an uncertain future as regards hirings, with the employment outlook showing a 1 percent decline.

Businesses in the region of Attica expect a 7 percent rise in hirings, while those in northern Greece forecast 3 percent growth.