All restaurants, plumbers, electricians to take plastic


Plumbers, electricians, bars, restaurants and cafeterias are among the professional groups that will be forced to install card terminals and start accepting credit and debit card payments by the end of June.

The installation of the terminals will be conducted in three stages, with the first phase to be completed at the end of June, the second at end-2017 and the third at the end of June 2018, according to statements by Deputy Finance Minister Katerina Papanatsiou.

The professional groups which will be obliged to have card terminals will be determined through a ministerial decision that will be issued in the next few days, Papanatsiou added on Tuesday, speaking on Antenna TV. She said there would be no such obligation for kiosks, small grocery stores etc.

Compounding the confusion over receipts, Papanatsiou told taxpayers to hold on to their paper receipts in order to be able to prove their transactions in case their bank misses something out from the data it will forward to the Independent Authority for Public Revenue. She did add however that this will not be compulsory. People over the age of 70, and some other categories, are exempt from the obligation to make card transactions to qualify for an income tax discount.