Notifications to go out to 1.3 million taxpayers for ‘suspect’ banking activity


Greece’s General Secretary Against Corruption, Constantinos Christou, on Tuesday said that 1.3 million taxpayers should be receiving notifications in the next few months in regards to large cash transfers made from their accounts.

Speaking on Sto Kokkino radio, Christou said that authorities have collated information on registered taxpayers suspected of tax evasion, gleaned from records such as the so-called Lagarde and Borjans lists.

This information has now been compiled into one database to allow inspectors to spot any possible discrepancies between individuals’ account activities and tax declarations, he said.

Inspectors are paying particular attention to individuals who have moved more than 300,000 euros to domestic accounts and 100,000 euros to foreign accounts in the period from 2002 to the present.

Notifications have already gone out to 1,000 taxpayers on the list of possible tax cheats provided to Greek authorities in 2015 by Norbert Walter-Borjans, finance minister of Germany’s North Rhine-Westphalia, Christou said.

He added that other taxpayers who are already under scrutiny by the authorities would be receiving their notifications within the month and given the chance to explain the discrepancies or admit to having undeclared income.

The rest, who have only been tagged for further investigation, will start receiving their notices in March.