Schaeuble: ‘I never made any (Grexit) threats’


German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble denied on Sunday that he had said Greece would have to leave the eurozone if it failed to implement economic reforms.

Schaeuble said in an ARD television interview that Greece would not have problems if it implemented agreed reforms, but would if it fails to carry these out.

“I never made any (‘Grexit’) threats,” Schaeuble told ARD’s “Bericht aus Berlin” program just before the network played recent comments in which he said Greece was “not yet over the hill” and the “pressure needed to stay on” Greece or it “couldn’t stay in the currency union.”

Schaeuble said he was giving Greece the same message that it has received throughout its crisis from institutions such as the International Monetary Fund.

“If Greece carries out the reforms, there won’t be any problems. If they don’t, then there will be problems.”

Schaeuble added: “I’m confident. Greece is on the right path.”