Slovakia not ready to pay any price for IMF in Greece


Slovakia would welcome the International Monetary Fund’s involvement in the Greek bailout but is not willing to pay any price for it, including accepting any debt relief, which Athens does not need, Slovak Finance Minister Peter Kazimir said.

“As for our friends from the IMF, we like them and it’s good to have them on board,” Kazimir said on Twitter. “But I’m not willing to pay any price for their participation, green-lighting the IMF kind of debt relief – which Greece does not need.”

Greece is in talks with its international lenders to close a review of reforms requested in exchange for cheap loans, which have been dragging on for months.

Without agreement on the review there can be no new disbursements to Greece.

“Let’s hope we close the review in the coming weeks,” Kazimir said.

“We have elections in the Netherlands, France & Germany. I can tell from my experience that Greece is a topic you want to avoid in a campaign,” he said.