DESFA head gets Stathakis’s support on lump sum


Energy Minister Giorgos Stathakis has offered his support to the head of gas grid operator DESFA, Sotiris Nikas, who allegedly hiked his own retirement bonus by some 100,000 euros.

Possibly feeling that changing the management of a second corporation under his supervision for abuse of power within one month – after accepting the resignations of the president and CEO of the Independent Power Transmission Operator (ADMIE) in February – might be viewed as excessive, Stathakis chose to cover for the government appointee at DESFA.

“The promotion before retirement in the case of DESFA has nothing to do with the issue that emerged at ADMIE,” the minister told Real FM radio on Wednesday, before saying that the facts included in the parliamentary question tabled by New Democracy deputy Constantinos Skrekas are “two-thirds untrue” and will be “answered” in Parliament.

Stathakis added: “He would get a lump sum anyway. When you go up a level, you get some more. I do not think this is an ethics issue, and I wonder why this is compared with the issues at other corporations where some things have happened and we have reacted the way we have reacted.”