Any income from land cultivation will incur social security contributions


Thousands of Greeks will soon have to pay social security contributions for every kind of labor they may perform, even if that is occasional agricultural work, according to a circular issued by the Single Social Security Entity (EFKA).

Although it remains unknown how the social security to be paid from income earned through agricultural activities where that concerns pensioners from funds outside the Agricultural Insurance Organization (OGA) will be worked out, the circular does shed some light on what applies in cases of parallel or multiple activities.

It makes it clear that as of January 1, 2017, fund members have to pay contributions for all declared income, even if that comes from cultivating land for which they had received an exception from OGA up to end-2016.

The circular also states that from January 1, both people insured since before 1993 and those after that year must pay contributions based on all their revenues from work. The same also applies to civil servants who have parallel employment in a sector under the jurisdiction of the former Social Security Foundation (IKA).

The minimum amount of monthly revenues incurring contributions for salary workers in the private sector with some freelance work in parallel stands at 586.06 euros, while for those in the public sector it is set at 410.26 euros, according to the circular.