ATHEX: PPC stock falls but the bourse continues its price growth


The growth trend is continuing at the Athens Exchange, as Greek stock prices are going from strength to strength and the benchmark has returned to pre-capital controls levels for good. The bourse shook off the collapse of Public Power Corporation’s share price on Monday upon the listing of grid operator ADMIE, to rise above 820 points.

The ATHEX general index closed at 821.22 points, adding 1.87 percent to Friday’s 806.12 points. The large-cap FTSE index rose 1.58 percent to 2,172.25 points.

ADMIE Holdings went straight into the blue-chip index and advanced 10.85 percent on its first day, while PPC slumped 40.99 percent.

Banks grew 0.83 percent, with Eurobank grabbing 3.13 percent and National shedding 0.58 percent.

In total 82 stocks posted gains, 34 endured losses and 20 stayed put.

Turnover amounted to 94.4 million euros, down from Friday’s 243.5 million.

In Nicosia the general index of the Cyprus Stock Exchange declined 0.28 percent to 75.32 points.