Summer tax check missions kept top secret


The plan for this summer’s tax inspections seems straight out of a Hollywood spy movie. The three heads of the monitoring centers have secured the file with the 14,500 inspections to take place on the islands of the Aegean Sea and the Saronic Gulf, with an emphasis on tourism destinations, under lock and key.

The inspections plan is getting the top-secret treatment so that no one finds out in advance which enterprises in which areas will be checked. This is because until recently, word would soon get out early enough for those to be inspected to comply with the rules in time for the incoming inspectors’ visit – until they departed from the area.

According to sources, the inspectors will be informed of the businesses they will be monitoring just hours in advance if they are inspection squads setting off from Athens, and just few minutes before if they are local squads.

Following the campaign conducted by the Independent Authority for Public Revenue, the monitoring authorities are hoping for improved rates of tax compliance, as no one wants to see their business shut down for 48 hours, let alone the maximum period of 10 days.