Labor bill is passed after many changes


The Labor Ministry’s latest bill was voted into law on Thursday, with article withdrawals and corrections to specific clauses, prompting the opposition to accuse the government of simply putting through changes to the bill that were imposed by the country’s creditors and altering the essence of the original bill.

The “emblematic” clauses of the law relating to the protection of employees, are in place, argued Minister Efi Achtsioglou. However, in public relation terms the changes inflicted in the final hour allowed the opposition to level strong criticism regarding the role of the creditors in the withdrawal of articles.

Notably the ministry was forced to withdraw the amendment she herself had tabled on Wednesday night, regarding the evidence of employers’ criminal intent in case of a labor accident. Article 45 was also withdrawn, which clarified that any substantial changes to the contract of an employee would be invalid unless preceded by consultation with the employer, according to a European Union Directive ratified by presidential decree in 2006. There were also changes to the exclusion of enterprises from state financing if found to be breaking labor laws.