Positive prospects for employment


Medium-sized enterprises, primarily in northern Greece and in the sectors of finance and insurance, services and transport-communications, are showing the brightest employment prospects for the last quarter of the year, according to a survey by Manpower Group.

Although the findings don’t point to any great leap in staff hirings in the October-December period, the survey suggests that total employment could rise to the highest level in the last nine years.

One in five employers (20 percent) who took part in the survey said they expect to increase employee numbers in the coming quarter, while 11 percent anticipated a reduction and 66 percent saw no change. The biggest recruitment drives were being planned by employers in northern Greece (+15 percent of staff), followed by those in Attica (+13 percent).

The strongest prospects for hirings are in the sectors of finance, insurance, property and corporate services (+21 percent), agriculture (+20 percent), and transport and communications (+18 percent). Employers in the tourism sector were the most reserved in their estimates (+6 percent).

Compared to the previous quarter, prospects have improved in five out of the nine main sectors of economic activity, but in comparison with the Q4 of 2016, there was an improvement across all nine.