Extraordinary payment of new pensions


Pressure from the country’s creditors and the order by Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) chief Thanasis Bakalexis for the competent agencies to work over the weekend have resulted in the issue of pensions adding up to 12.6 million euros that will be paid out on Tuesday to 4,193 new pensioners.

However, the 1.2-billion-euro target that the government is supposed to pay out by the end of October to trigger the disbursement of another 800 million euros for the country has not been achieved. Therefore pressure will continue for the processing of more pension applications, even outside legal working hours. Extraordinary payments will also continue, just like Tuesday’s.

Despite significant delays in the issuing of circulars and guidelines, as well as major problems in EFKA’s operations, the Labor and Social Security Ministry claims that “all necessary measures have been taken for the faster processing of all outstanding pension payments.”

Data show that a significant share of pension applications are rejected or crossed off the list with the government’s dues for not fulfilling the conditions of retirement.