Deadline for EFKA dues is extended


The 650,000 farmers and self-employed professionals who have not paid the social security contributions they still owe for 2016 have been granted an extension. The new deadline for payments is January 31.

The Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) board announced its decision on Thursday. The dues, payable by doctors, lawyers, farmers, notaries, engineers and pharmacists, had an original deadline of November 30 and concern doctors, lawyers, farmers, notaries, engineers and pharmacists. They now have more time to pay their contributions, along with the current obligations for 2017.

The way the contributions are calculated has changed this year, as since the start of EFKA’s operation in January 1 they have been based on the incomes of those insured and payable on a monthly basis.

The announcement came ahead of the recalculation of contributions based on 2016 incomes and not those of 2015. This process, expected next month or in December at the latest, concerns 1.4 million farmers, self-employed and freelance workers. Therefore, the extension for payments of 2016 contributions practically allows for the offsetting of any contribution returns the state would have to make after the recalculation.