One in three employees in private sector is a part-timer


Almost one in three private sector workers are in part-time employment, collecting an average of 394.13 euros per month, according to Single Social Security Entity (EFKA) figures stemming from January 2017 employment declarations.

While the vast majority of workers around the world accept that the traditional 9-to-5 job is coming to an end with the adoption of a new era dominated by flexibility and balance, in Greece, workers appear to have been left with no other option.

In January, the 554,679 part-time workers out of the total 1,751,949 private sector employees (i.e. 31.66 percent of private sector salary workers) received an average daily wage of just 23.74 euros. On the other hand, full-time workers got an average daily wage of 51.47 euros and a monthly salary of 1,203.98 euros.

The total number of employees declared in January was down 5.14 percent from the previous month across all 223,683 enterprises and 7,212 construction projects. Just under one in seven employees (13.37 percent) worked in the hotels and restaurants domain, but among non-Greek European Union workers, the rate reaches 23.15 percent.