Improving the promotion of Greek tourism abroad


Private nonprofit corporation Marketing Greece will in the next few weeks complete its strategic plan to improve the image of the Greek tourism product to match international demand, expanding to new priority areas such as reducing the sector’s seasonal character, highlighting new destinations and strengthening tourism’s connection with the fields of culture, food and agriculture.

Marketing Greece’s new chief executive officer, Ioanna Dretta, also revealed that among the company’s priorities is the expansion of the industry’s benefits to broader social groups.

The Discover Greece platform ( remains a key strategic pillar for Marketing Greece and over its four years of operation has achieved 550 million impressions on social media networks, or 137 million per year, Dretta told a press event on Tuesday.

Forming part of the strategic plan already implemented is “Wanderlust Greece,” a new digital travel show which aims to present a more authentic side of Greece.

The series begins in the Peloponnese.