Gov’t backs healthy entrepreneurship, PM tells workers in Xanthi


On a visit to Xanthi, in northern Greece, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras underlined his government's support for "healthy entrepreneurship that respects labor relations and workers' rights."

On a visit to the site of Thrace Plastics, Tsipras said his administration respects legislation and "says no to parasitic and predatory business practices that for decades drained state funding before taking their money abroad and closing their businesses in Greece, leaving workers on the street."

Addressing the employees of Thrace Plastics, Tsipras said his government supports businesses that are outward-looking and invest in research, innovation, human resources and human resources," noting that a new growth law and European structural funding was available to boost these things.

The premier described Thrace Plastics as a "model of healthy entrepreneurship," saying this was not only due to figures but the working climate.