Gov’t slows down again in paying dues

Gov’t slows down again in paying dues

After getting the necessary repayment of overdue debts of 1.5 billion euros out of the way in September in order to get the second subtranche of 800 million euros disbursed, the government has slowed down again in paying off its dues to taxpayers and suppliers without the pressure of its creditors.

According to Finance Ministry data, the state’s expired obligations went down by just 200 million euros in October, to 4.29 billion from 4.49 billion euros in end-September. Athens has received the subtranche of 800 million euros from the second review to cover tax rebates and the payment of suppliers, but appears very slow in doing so.

The total debts of ministries, social security funds, public hospitals, local authorities and other state entities amounted to 3.448 billion euros in October from 3.559 billion in end-September.

Outstanding tax rebates shrank from 931 million to 832 million euros at the same time. Data reveal in particular that certain tax offices are particularly late in the rebates of income tax and value-added tax.